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Home Insurance Deductibles


Every Homeowners policy has a deductible that applies to Section I Property Coverages. A deductible is the dollar amount for which you are responsible in the event of a covered loss. You will have a PREMIUM SAVING by selecting the highest deductible you could afford if a loss occurs.

The Homeowners deductible routinely quoted is $500, but we offer other choices. The higher the deductible, the lower your premium. We require a minimum deductible of $1,500 in certain circumstances where the exposure to wind damage is high or for homes located in coastal regions.

Special hurricane deductibles also may be imposed on certain risks located at the New Jersey shore. These special deductibles apply only to New Jersey Re-Insurance Company policies.

The primary purpose of Homeowners coverage is to protect you against a catastrophe, not for reimbursement of smaller losses which you could handle yourself. Consider the likelihood of having a claim versus the premium saving provided by a larger deductible.